Murphy International rapid antigen testing programme addressing risk of coronavirus being brought into workplace

Following the Christmas break, on 04 January, all Murphy International staff and workers returning to sites, depots and offices underwent rapid antigen testing, with a second round of testing completed on the week starting 14 January. This was to ensure that all of its employees are further safeguarded from Covid-19 and were given extra security in their working environments.

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Irish Construction Prepares for Second Covid-19 Lockdown

The Government will sign off a range of stringent Covid-19 measures that will see many construction sites across the country shut down until 31 January. As with the first lockdown in March of last years, sites deemed essential works will be allowed to continue operating under HSE guidelines.
Last night, the Cabinet Committee on Covid-19 agreed to shut down the vast majority of private construction developments to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.