Gas Networks Ireland and Cosgrave Group partner to reduce emissions on Dublin scheme

Gas Networks Ireland worked with developer Cosgrave Group to deliver a gas-fuelled sustainable solution on its Bridgefield and Pappan Grove development in Dublin.

Leading developers continue to use natural gas to deliver secure, affordable and sustainable homes that meet Near Zero Energy Building (NZEB) standard.  This was the finding of a Gas Networks Ireland case study.

Bridgefield and Pappan Grove

Cosgrave Group’s award-winning Bridgefield and Pappan Grove development in Santry, Dublin, is a 250-unit apartment scheme spread over three six-storey and one five-story buildings. It is heated by a combination of central gas boilers, gas-fuelled combined heat and power (CHP) units and commercial electric heat pumps. 

A2 BER Rating

The mix of technologies delivers an A2 BER rating and lower energy costs for residents. Smart technology allows residents to monitor their heating and hot water from their phone.  Hot water is available 24 hours a day and can be remotely controlled, allowing people to heat their apartment before they arrive home.

Crucially, there is no water tank or gas boiler in each apartment, meaning more space for storage or living.

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Lar Burke, Residential Connections Manager, Gas Networks Ireland.


Lar Burke, Residential Connections Manager, Gas Networks Ireland, says that central plant in apartment block developments, including other elements, comply with Part L 2019 of the building regulations, and renewable gas and the introduction of hydrogen into the gas network will continue to decarbonise already A2 BER-rated homes.

“With the dramatic increase in the development of apartments as part of Ireland’s housing stock and the need to build more sustainably, Gas Networks Ireland is focussed on providing solutions for homebuilders.

“Homeowners want sustainable solutions.  But they want solutions that are familiar and affordable. This award-winning Bridgefield and Pappan Grove development shows the role that natural gas is playing in modern homes.

Long term solutions

“Longer term, we will see a role for renewable gasses such as biomethane and hydrogen to decarbonise heating in Ireland.  Gas Networks Ireland is working to facilitate the development of innovative technologies to address Ireland’s carbon challenge.”

Cosgrave Group

The Cosgrave Group operates a ‘Five Pillars of Excellence’ standard across its developments.

The Cosgrave Group Five Pillars of Excellence are:

  1. Quality in design, specification and construction – Cosgrave’s design and build programme is punctuated by a series of quality checks created to ensure every home meets specific standards.
  1. Sustainability in energy-efficient living – Cosgrave was an early adaptor of the sustainability agenda.
  1. Low Maintenance with reliable, long term solutions- Maintenance is a central consideration in the design and specification criteria of every new Cosgrave home.
  1. User-focused designed homes for people to enjoy – Cosgrave places the user at the centre of every design decision.
  1. Community benefit – A primary Cosgrave Group goal is to deliver an environment where dwellings, landscape and surroundings provide the maximum benefit for residents. The team identifies and pursues opportunities to create: safe play areas, landscape features, parklands, walkways, sports areas, jogging paths, transport links, access to leisure amenities and the inclusion of various bespoke feature areas.
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