Portakabin customised Covid-secure accommodation solutions for Irish construction sites

Portakabin is one of Ireland’s best-known manufacturers and suppliers of modular buildings. In addition to providing stunning permanent buildings for every part of society, Portakabin also has a long history of supporting the construction industry, especially in times of crisis.

Crucially, some of the benefits of the modular approach, namely the speed of delivery and the safety and lack of disruption during installation, have become even more valuable to struggling businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Getting support on time and on budget – a Portakabin core promise – has never mattered more, especially when your own business is focused on meeting deadlines.

The nationwide coverage offered by Portakabin with four visitor centres across Ireland gives businesses a local point of contact that understands their particular needs. It’s backed up by the reach of a national company, which is particularly useful for companies that have multiple sites across the country and want the same high standards of products and services everywhere.

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Portakabin adaptable accommodation solutions

As requirements change during the current crisis, having the flexibility to fit out and adapt buildings to cater for social distancing and staff segregation, as well as the addition of signage or Perspex screening, has been vital.

When a quick answer to extra rooms is required, the ease and space advantages of a single, self-contained, transportable building – that can be swiftly and safely installed in-line with Government Covid-secure guidelines – are easy to recognise. 

 Portakabin turnkey Covid-secure accommodation

With a turn-key service that provides endless scale and size options, all delivered on time and on budget, the quality and service that Portakabin is able to provide are appreciated on construction projects both small and large. The standard of smart, modern site cabins for hire from Portakabin is unsurpassed in the site accommodation market, and its newly manufactured portable buildings provide a consistent look and quality that help to enhance corporate reputations.

Portakabin case study

When John Paul Construction redeveloped the former Bank of Ireland headquarters into a high-profile commercial office complex in the heart of Dublin, the project required site office and welfare accommodation for a workforce of more than 200 people over two years.

The Portakabin anti-vandal buildings chosen for the project were constructed from fully galvanised structural steel, making them robust, corrosion-resistant and easy to maintain. Window shutter guards, reinforced doors and anti-jemmy strips provided enhanced security.

Twenty-six buildings of varying sizes were fitted out to provide office, canteen, drying room and toilet facilities for the site-based workforce. The buildings were painted in the corporate colours of John Paul Construction to create a uniform, attractive site complex.

Keith O’Brien, Project Manager, John Paul Construction, says, “We had used anti-vandal buildings from Portakabin in the past, and they were able to come up with a solution to the specific challenges associated with this site. These included a very restricted footprint and a congested city centre location, into which we had to fit a large number of site buildings.

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With a turn-key service that provides endless scale and size options, all delivered on time and on budget. Your buildings can be fitted out with all the furniture and optional extras you need, and can even be branded in your corporate colours to enhance your profile on site.

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