CIF Launches Member Campaign to Provide 50 New Homes to Dublin Simon Community in 2020

The CIF is joining forces with Dublin Simon Community to support 50 individuals and families out of unstable emergency accommodation and into more permanent, safe homes.

CIF Dublin Simon Campaign

The concept of the CIF Dublin Simon campaign collaboration is simple; CIF members will endeavour to raise funds, amounting to €20,000, throughout the next year. Dublin Simon Community will use each donation of €20,000 as a deposit on a home for an individual or a family. The aim is to generate 50 x €20,000 deposits to support the Dublin Simon Community in acquiring 50 homes for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.

Using a combination of donor funds, private finance and Government grants, Dublin Simon Community will leverage financing in tandem with each donation of €20,000 (equal to approx. 10-15% of one unit’s total value) to sustainably acquire one unit of accommodation for an individual, couple or family.

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Eaton is the first CIF member to do this, having already awarded Dublin Simon Community with a grant of €20,000, and the hope is that other members will follow suit throughout 2020.

Phil Kane, Country Manager, Eaton Corporation, said,“At Eaton, we’re proud to support Dublin Simon Community’s initiative and have a truly meaningful, long-term impact giving a home to people and families experiencing homelessness.”

Dublin Simon Community works to prevent and address homelessness in Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow, Meath, Louth, Cavan and Monaghan. Dublin Simon provides services at all stages of homelessness to over 7,600 people and families to enable them to move to a place they can call home.

Dublin Simon Community

Sam McGuinness, CEO, Dublin Simon Community, said,“At present in Ireland, there are over 10,400 people (6,696 adults and 3,752 children) living without having access to the basic human need of a safe place to call home. Every person has their own story; what is common to all is that homelessness and housing insecurity is traumatic, stressful and filled with uncertainty. Our homelessness crisis is worsening month by month, and it is at the forefront of our minds. However, your company can help make a real change by choosing to support this clever and cost-effective initiative.”

Construction Industry Federation

Shane Dempsey, Director, Communications, CIF, said,“Homelessness is a huge challenge for Ireland, for our industry and all industries. Anywhere that we can make a difference, we want to be involved. We are delighted that Eaton is the first CIF member company to get the ball rolling and secure a deposit for a home for people experiencing homelessness. We are launching this initiative so that other member companies can continue on this great work throughout 2020.