Major Apprenticeships Boost for Wet Trades

SOLAS has announced that it has extended the CIF Apprenticeship Sharing Initiative, a scheme that was initially set up by CIF South East Branch in 2015.

The core concept is that contractors, who may not consider taking on an apprentice themselves, for reasons such as they do not have the trade skills in-house or are not confident of enough work to cover the four-years apprentice programme, could co-operate together to take on apprentices.

Dermot Carey, Director, Safety and Training, CIF, says there are two unique elements to this scheme. “One is that a contractor can use their subcontractors’ skilled tradespeople to train, and the other is that apprentices can move between a group of consortium members, either when work is scarce, or when a particular type of work is being done by another consortium member which would benefit the apprentice.”

Anthony Neville, Managing Director, Anthony Neville Homes, has been a major supporter of the initiative since it was started.

“We at Anthony Neville Homes are proud and excited to be part of the original Apprenticeship Sharing Initiative and are very impressed with how the scheme works,” comments Anthony Neville. “We have three apprentices in the scheme at the moment, whom we would not have if it was not for the existence of the Apprenticeship Sharing Initiative.”

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John O’Shaughnessy, Chairperson, CIF Manpower, Education & Training sub-committee.

CIF is calling on members across the regions to form consortia of three to four companies and start registering apprentices under the scheme.

“This is an opportunity for the industry to seek to address the low numbers in the wet trades such as bricklaying, plastering and painting and decorating,” says John O’Shaughnessy, Chairperson, CIF Manpower, Education & Training sub-committee, “and I ask members to support this innovative initiative.”

To learn more about the CIF Apprenticeship Sharing Initiative, contact Dermot Carey, Director, Safety and Training, CIF, Email: dcarey@ cif.ie

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