Construction Safety Week 2016 – Mind Our Workers

Today in Irish Construction Safety Week 2016 the focus switches to Mental Health. The Construction Industry Federation  and Pieta House joint initiative entitled Mind Our Workers is a campaign aimed at raising awareness of suicide and mental health issues throughout the construction sector.

Suicide and mental health are two of the most important issues in Ireland. The culture around these subjects has started has recent years  Unfortunately in the past too many people in Ireland sat in deathly silence while brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers were lost – ashamed that suicide had visited their doorsteps.

In Ireland, the majority of people who die by suicide are men. If we want to see a reduction in the number of suicides in Ireland then one of the  steps  that  must  be  taken  is  to  help  promote  further understanding  and awareness of suicide and mental health amongst Irish men.  Action is needed to help accomplish this objective. Irish men can be reluctant to discuss their problems and emotions with their colleagues and friends. This is particularly an issue in areas of Irish society which are disproportionately male.  

In modern Ireland, one of the remaining aspects of society which can still be disproportionately male  are  certain  kinds  of  workplace. The  workplace  is  a  particularly  influential  environment,  given  the  large  amount  of  time  people  spend at work and in the company of their work colleagues.  

No  industry  in  Ireland  is  as  male  dominated  as  the  construction  sector. From  the  research  that  is  available  on  this  subject,  an  extremely  high  level of  suicides  have  a  professional  background  in  construction. Construction  and  production  account  for  more  suicides  than  any  other  area  
of Irish professional activity.

Taking all these factors into consideration, and particularly, during Irish Construction Safety Week it would seem that those interested in combating suicide in Ireland need to engage with the construction sector. It is for that reason that this campaign was established – to help mitigate the level of suicide throughout the Irish construction industry.

Irish Construction Safety Week

By  combining  Pieta  House’s  expertise  with  the  reach  and  industry  insights of  the  CIF,  a greater  awareness  of  suicide  and  mental  health is being fostered throughout the sector. During Irish Construction Safety Week helping to promote a greater level of understanding  of  these  issues  will  ultimately  reduce  the  number  of  suicides and most importantly help save lives.

(Source: Mind Our Workers

Irish Construction Safety Week
Great talk by Pieta House Ballyfermot this morning to promote positive mental health Tweet courtesy of Gem Group @gemjoinery #cifsafety


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