Summer holidays 2015

CIF member firms are reminded that the official period for the summer holidays will be from closing time on Friday 17 July until starting time on Tuesday 4 August 2015 ( 10 annual leave days and 1 public holiday).

Operatives continuously employed since the last summer holidays and remaining in the employment of the company are entitled to 11 days paid leave, 10 annual leave days (78 hours) and 1 public holiday (8 hours) 86 hours in total.

 Operatives who commenced employment some time after the summer holidays in 2014, or whose employment is being terminated, should have their annual leave calculated on the cesser pay basis as follows:

a)    13.65 hours holiday pay for each 4 week period in which at least 117 hours have been worked (107 hours for under 18 year olds) plus 13.65 hours for any remaining period of less than 4 weeks in which at least 117 hours have been worked. Any annual leave paid since the last summer holidays should be deducted. The maximum holiday pay due is 86 hours.

b)    Operatives who have not worked a total of 117 hours will be entitled to 8.4% of the hours that they have worked.

c)    For workers who are not on a time rate or fixed wage (e.g. piece work), holiday pay is based on average earnings in the previous 13 weeks. The total earnings (excluding overtime) in the 13 weeks prior to the annual leave, divided by 13 and divided again by 39 gives the average hourly rate to be used for holiday pay.  For those workers who have been employed for less than the 13 weeks, divide the total earnings (excluding overtime) by the number of weeks employed and divide again by 39 to obtain an average hourly rate.

All employees remaining in the employment of the company are entitled to pay for the public holiday.

In addition to their annual leave, full-time employees absent from work immediately before the annual holidays will be entitled to payment for the public holiday unless the absence is:

a)   in excess of 52 consecutive weeks for reason of an occupational injury,

b)   in excess of 26 weeks for reason of illness or injury,

c)   in excess of 13 consecutive weeks authorised by the employer, including temporary lay-off.

Please note that travelling allowances, where applicable, should be included in holiday pay. This agreement applies to the cities of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Galway. Therefore, operatives in those areas will be entitled to have included in their holiday pay the travelling allowance they are in receipt of at the time of the holidays.

Operatives being cesser paid will be entitled to have their travelling allowance included on a pro rata basis.

This notice should be displayed prominently on site and in the workshop before the holiday period. The appropriate days should be filled in. In most cases these will be 17 July and 4 August respectively.

The above information is also available on the CIF website at www.cif.ie .

If you have any queries on holiday pay, please contact the Federation.


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