Shane Brogan, Director, Planning and Design; and Kerri Brogan, Director of Operations, Brogan Group.

Access specialists Brogan Group have enjoyed another busy year as projects continue to grow in number and size across the country. Having won significant contracts for a number of high-profile projects last year, the company is also experiencing a time of significant change, specifically in its Irish operations.

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Charlemont Square


Young blood and fresh ideas have been very much at the forefront of Brogan’s renaissance strategy in Ireland, with Kerri Brogan (daughter of Group founder and MD James Brogan) now Director of Operations, focused on marketing and business development and Shane Brogan (son), now Director focusing on Planning and Design.

Together with their vastly experienced Contract Management Team and Supervisors on the ground, the delivery capabilities of the company have been greatly enhanced.

The Irish construction landscape has evolved with many clients employing young, dynamic professionals, many of whom have worked abroad and are keen to introduce innovative, game-changing concepts to the Irish market. Brogan Group, with its new leadership in Ireland, has embraced the modern methods of working adopted by many of their clients and have sighted their primary focus on being the premier multi-disciplined access specialist in Ireland. Working closer with clients through early engagement to identify innovative solutions ranks high on its agenda, Brogan Group aims to champion the fact that it’s all about collaboration, and utilising all the knowledge and resources possible across the Group – thinking globally and acting locally.

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Central Plaza


In addition to system and traditional scaffolding (its core service at start up over 30 years ago) the group now offers clients options to select and combine access methods across mast climbers, hoists, common user towers, loading platforms and now, suspended cradles.

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Bolands Quay.

The diverse range of access options provides clients with solutions to match the complexities modern day architects’ designs present. An example being their common tower service, working in tandem with Brogan’s custom hoist, ‘Colossus’, which represented a mammoth investment in equipment and technological coordination that originated from early engagement with the client.

Brogan Group is an established international group, employing over 700 people across the UK, UAE and recently, Saudi Arabia. James Brogan oversees the group and is supported in each region by experienced management teams, including Rory Connelly, General Manager in the UAE who previously worked with main contractors in Ireland.

Its Irish operation dates back to 2001, when Brogan Group rapidly became one of the largest access companies in the country prior to the crash. Since the industry’s recovery, the company has scaled up operations in tandem with the upturn in Ireland’s construction sector. Its name and reputation, well known to all of the major players in the market has enabled it to capitalise on the gains of branches abroad, as it reinvigorates its activities on home soil.

Mast climbers have hugely increased in demand across Ireland in recent times and are fast becoming clients preferred method of access. This follows the trend experienced in Scandinavia and North America where mast climbers dominate over scaffolding. Brogan Group has offered mast climber solutions since 2004. Innovative, forward thinking clients are opting for the efficiency benefits and greater cost certainty mast climbers offer over scaffolding and Brogan Group has been able to step in naturally to service the trend. One of the most recent projects secured is a substantial €75m development, consisting of six residential blocks comprising 377 apartments in Charlestown, Finglas. The combined access package includes the supply of mast climbers and hoists (82 drive units) and is likely to be the largest number of machines ever used on one project in the country. This highlights the equipment resource the company has at its disposal, total mast climber units on this project alone exceed €2.5m in asset value.

Hoists have also become more prevalent in Ireland, with clients appreciating the cost and time benefits when transporting materials and personnel. With over 600 machines in their fleet across Ireland and the UK, the group is well equipped to service the largest of projects. Its fleet of machines include goods only, goods/ personnel hoists and transport platforms, ranging from 1500kg capacity through to the Colossus 4000kg hoists.

Some of the ongoing residential and commercial projects currently being worked on include; ESB’s Fitzwilliam Street redevelopment, Boland’s Quay redevelopment and the regeneration of Central Bank building (Central Plaza) in the heart of the city into an iconic mixed-use scheme. Brogan is also working on the Charlemont Square development and the Clay Farm regeneration project, the latter consisting of 2,300 homes in Dublin. Additionally, it has secured three volumetric build apartment schemes (Bunratty, Bonham Park and Cork Street) catering for people on the City Council’s social housing list.

For more info and enquiries see www.brogangroup.com

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