Countdown to Construction Safety Week 2019

Construction Safety Week 2019 will run from Monday, 21st October to Friday, 25th October, coinciding with European Safety Week.

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Construction Safety Week is an initiative of the Construction Safety Partnership Advisory Committee (CSPAC) and is administered by the CIF. The CSPAC is a grouping of all the main stakeholders in the construction sector in Ireland, namely employers, unions, State bodies (in conjunction with the Health and Safety Authority) and professional bodies.

Planning for Construction Safety Week 2019

Planning for Construction Safety Week is already well progressed to ensure that there will be a suite of reference materials, posters, videos and webinars available for participating companies to access and utilise at their discretion.


Construction Safety Week 2019

The CIF is delighted to have the support of SSE Airtricity, Collen Construction, Walls Construction, Irish Water, Gas Networks Ireland, Kirby Group, Hilti, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), and Keating Construction as sponsors for this year’s Construction Safety Week, with additional support anticipated.


Alan Worrall, Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator, Walls Construction, says that Construction Safety Week has a huge part to play in highlighting on-site health and safety on construction sites and offices.


“Construction Safety Week 2019 is an excellent opportunity for the industry to reaffirm its commitment to health and safety and to ensure its position at the top of all Irish building contractors’ business agendas, so that its impact is felt on all activities, especially site operations.”


Irish Water continues its support and participation in the campaign in 2019. Fergus Collins, Head of Capital Services, Irish Water, says, “Irish Water is delighted to be an official partner of Construction Safety Week 2019, and we look forward to working with the CIF and our delivery partners, to strengthen the construction industry’s safety and wellbeing culture.”


Speaking about plans for this year, Dermot Carey, Director, Safety and Training, CIF, says, “The CIF is once again calling on all persons engaged in construction to get actively involved in Construction Safety Week, and in doing so to reaffirm a commitment to working safely to ensure their own health and wellbeing.”


Tommy Drumm, Managing Director, Collen Construction and President, Master Builders and Contractors Association (MBCA) says, “The CIF and the MBCA work well together on issues such as safety and wellbeing. Construction Safety Week helps everyone focus on their own wellbeing and that of their workmates, and to have access to appropriate information and materials to help with this. “Frank Kelly, Chairman, CIF Safety, Health and Welfare sub-Committee, and Dermot Carey in CIF, work tirelessly to align and support us for the greater good in all matters safety-related. “I ask all members to do your best to participate in the week and bring your own leadership and ideas into the week for the benefit of all,” he adds.

Five Tips to Get Involved in Construction Safety Week 2019

The CIF is seeking the active involvement and engagement of individual workers and companies during Construction Safety Week 2019.

The following suggestions may be helpful to anyone planning to organise activities:

  1. Consider organising a safety event during this week, for example, a safety talk or demonstration, and publicise this via social media, using the hashtag #CIFSafety19
  2. Advise the CIF of your planned actions in the ‘Safety Week Activities’ dedicated section of the CIF website at https://cif.ie/safety-week and on social media using the hashtag #CIFSafety19
  3. Download a copy of the Construction Safety Week logo and use it on your website, in communications and as an addition to your email signature.
  4. Register as an official partner to Construction Safety Week by contacting Michaela Courtney: courtney@cpas.ie or phone 01 407 1400
  5. Get involved in European Safety Week by visiting the webpage of the European Agency for Safety and Health and downloading the OSH Campaign Toolkit at https://osha.europa.eu/en/%20healthy-work-places-campaigns


If your company is organising its own Construction Safety Week activities prior to Construction Safety Week, CIF asks that you use the hashtag #CIFSafety19 to help get the safety message out.

To learn more, visit the CIF’s dedicated webpage for Construction Safety Week 2019 https://cif.ie/safety-week/


First published in CIF Construction magazine September October 2019 issue


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